There will come a day when people will stop harassing me because of spoilers

Today is not that day

Please tag your spoilers. I was on the divergent tag so I could see photos from divergent, not allegiant, and one of your confessions ruined the entire ending of allegiant for me so please tag your spoilers because I'm very pissed off right now having just got back from watching the first movie. Thanks a lot.


They are tagged you idiot

And did you really expect going through the Divergent tag and people would only talk about the first book/movie? Really!?

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Do you like shailene woodley as tris or hazel better?


I’m gonna decide that when I’ve seen tfios ;)

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What other young adult books/series do you enjoy?


Someone asked me this a while ago and I actually managed to make quite a long list, so check it out here


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i really like the books and the movie and all, but i just don't like how a lot of people are like "only the people that read the books are real fans" and "i'm allowed to see the movie because i actually read the books" i don't lik ethat part of the fandom. what are your thoughts?


I think it’s perfectly fine just to see the movies and enjoy them. But if you claim to really love them and then you still don’t read the books…idk, that’s pretty hypocritical

Everyone is ‘allowed’ to see the movie, so these fans are ridiculous

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Hi! Just saying that I love you blog and please don't get down because of people getting angry about Allegiant spoilers. If they like Divergent enough to be looking at the stuff on Tumblr then they should actually read the books! They shouldn't take it out on you. Hugs!!

Thank you, that is very sweet of you :)

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I really don't get why all the hate. I read all three books over a weekend. They're not long and they are very easy reads, unlike some other books (Game of Thrones comes to mind, so I understand why people haven't read those). Yeah people have lives - and so do I - but they weren't hard to read. If people would spend less time bitching and more time reading they won't be spoiled.

Good point!

Don’t people have something better to do than getting on my nerves!? :D

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This makes me really happy ^.^

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Can you please tag your spoilers? I was on the divergent tag and you've ruined the last book for me.


Omg I don’t know why I’m still doing it BUT THEY ARE TAGGED

Apparently “Allegiant” isn’t obvious enough???? Should I tag it with “Please be aware that this post may contain spoilers” ???

I’m so sick of people being stupid and then blaming it on me. Everybody knows that there are three books out, if you haven’t read them yet then don’t go into the tags IT’S REALLY NOT THAT HARD

I’m sorry to be so harsh but this is really pissing me off

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